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The Finest Felts & Foams at Great Prices

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Pure 100% wool felts used as a highly versatile padding that can be easily cut and shaped providing excellent

pressure absorption.

2mm semi-compressed

Halpa Felt Sheets FEL120

5mm semi-compressed

Halpa Felt Sheets FEL124

7mm semi-compressed

Hapla Felt Sheets FEL128

10mm semi-compressed

Hapla Felt Sheets FEL132 

Fleecy Foam  Hapla

Fleecy foam is a soft open cell polyurethane foam with the added strength of a bonded fleece surface.  Highly compressible with instantaneous recovery, ideal for light

comfort cushioning.


Fleecy Web

100% cotton padding with a raised fleecy surface - widely used to protect sore and tender skin from friction and rubbing. 

Fleecy Web, Hapla,

Standard FLE950

Fleecy Web Extra, Hapla,

Extra thick sheets - FLE970

Fleecy Web, Hapla

5cm x 3m Rolls - FLE905

Fleecy Web, Hapla

with longitudinal stretch 

5cm x 3m Rolls - FLE912


Pure 100% wool felt bonded to a closed cell foam surface - absorbs pressures and cushions impact.

Foam-O-Felt Hapla


Swan Foam

Closed cell foam bonded to a brushed fibre surface - absorbs pressure with instantaneous recovery, ideal for underfoot pressure redistribution.

5mm SWA100

7mm WA104 

Moleskin "A"

Woven 100% cotton fabric that is lightly raised on one side. Used as a shield against abrasion and for splinting.

Moleskin, Small,

17.5 x 90 cm 


Moleskin, Large,

23 cm x 3M